Good news   (11.2.11)

BN has been released from immigration detention.

Meanwhile, in a stronger statement than the Church of England has yet managed, Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills travelled to Uganda to film a documentary about attitudes homosexuality in that country. It will air on BBC Three on Monday.

On another topic, Rowan Williams and John Sentamu will be visiting the University of Manchester on March 1st to talk about "Relations between Church and State Today". This will be an opportunity to see both men in their academic element.

In 1999, as Bishop of Stepney, Sentamu was one of a few senior clergy who declined to sign the Cambridge Accord, a document affirming the human rights of homosexual persons. And Rowan Williams has capitulated to the conservative fringe on the issue of homosexuality more times than I am inclined to recall. Anyone want to come and heckle?

For legal reasons, following a recent court ruling, the full name of BN has been removed from this article.

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