After Windsor Road Chapel

A street in a memory circa 1993,
only no sunshine and no orange coat,
just an emptiness filled with silence:
a gap on the grey brick wall where you sat
for a pause on the walk that you walked with me.

Despite those years, still I feel
your whiskers pressed against my face;
the well-trodden pile on the carpet
where I collected all your coins one morning;
the sodden hands that washed up after our meal.

But all that detail's as dead as you,
and I cannot recount a single word,
nor hear the voice through which you spoke.
All is now a memory silenced,
like you never were, and were never spoken to.

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Wild Rose, Lake Wanaka, New Zealand, 2009

East Ham Liberal Club, 2014

Shelter, Rhos-on-Sea, 2013

New territory

New territory, unmarked by foot or gaze,
a virgin place whose undiscovered gaps and lines
conspire to engulf and redefine
this sore and sullied crust that I call skin.

And should I trace the trail that is not there?
Will crevices and cliffs be my companions?
Or will they lose me in a storm
that marks me, naked, washed, unborn?

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Eglise de St Exuper, Paris, 2010