Levenshulme   (22.6.14)

We're getting married in a few weeks, and are lucky enough to have the services of the lovely Paul at alternatepixel!


Hayward Gallery, South Bank   (14.6.14)


Tate Modern, South Bank   (14.6.14)


Collared dove, Cambridge   (3.6.14)

Collared dove, Cambridge


Blurry Deansgate/Castlefield   (15.4.14)


College House, Christchurch   (6.4.14)

A few years ago I took part in a college exchange between Dunedin and Christchurch. Sadly, the year after, the Christchurch earthquake struck. In addition to the loss of life, a large number of historic buildings were destroyed or damaged. One of them was the beautiful and architecturally remarkable chapel at College House.

College House Chapel, Christchurch

I took a few photos while I was there (click for the complete set). Thanks to the wonder of the internet, the college has been in touch to use them for a fundraising effort to repair and reopen the chapel. You can donate to the building development fund via the college's website.


Supergeil   (9.3.14)

We once bought an oven from Edeka when living in Germany. To be fair, it was pretty Supergeil.


Yocoa   (24.2.14)


Thomas Paine at the National Portrait Gallery   (30.1.14)

Thomas Paine at the National Portrait Gallery

by Laurent Dabos, ca. 1791. Paine was one of the first and most important theorists of political rights.

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Don't Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves   (23.12.13)

This is probably the best piece of television I've ever seen. It's a three-part true story about how HIV/AIDS struck through the Stockholm gay community in the 1980s. Released on DVD just after Christmas.