swans are swimming uniformly.
sepia paint flakes off a boat.
trees beyond them wobble slowly.
with the current, on they float.

cygnets enter right of picture.
ripples start and multiply.
light refracted and reflected,
and I watch the ripples die.

swans and cygnets exit, silent.
water flattens out a bit.
radio gurgles at a distance.
the trees remain, and there I sit.

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Kaunas Antifa, 2011

Elmete Avenue, Leeds, 2014

Paris, 2011


best not
to rekindle
ashes of an old friendship.

your eyes
and her two eyes
will meet across a platform

then turn
and look elsewhere.
in that cold unpleasant glance

they agree

to part.

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Near Brockenhurst, 2014